Classical Guitar Magazine September 1983

Classical Guitar Magazine September 1983.

Angel RomeroJanice May
Leo Witoszynskyj Mary Hayes
In Conversation with Robert Welford Chris Kilvington
Napoleon Coste's DuetsSimon Wynberg
Scale Fingering Part 3 Neil Smith
David Parsons in conversation with Colin Cooper
The Flamenco GuitarJuan Martin
Julian Bream's 50th Birthday PartyBurnett James
"Are You A Nut Case"Tom P. Davies
Music SupplementEdited by Neil Smith
Narciso Yepes Ivor Mairants
Analysis of Musical Performance Part 2Manuel Anderson
Weekend Course at DurhamJim Gibson
It's Not A Guitar, It's a Painting Colin Cooper

Also featuring the regular articles:

Classical Guitar News, Concert Diary, Profile, Music Supplement, Classical Guitar Crossword, Book Review, Music Reviews, Concert Reviews, Record Reviews, Letters to the Editor and Classical Guitar Teachers and Societies.


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